The mission of the ship agent in the seaport is to enable-ship owners to effectivelly interact with other stakeholders during their stay in the port of the vessel. Stakeholders include: a port State, the port owner, port terminal operators, cargo owners (charterers), ship-owners (charterers).

In carrying out its duties under the contract of marine agency:

  • We operate in the interests of the ship-owner honorably, faithfully, impartially and in accordance with the practice of marine agency;
  • We are acting within our legitimate powers;
  • We keep a record of expenditure and provide the ship-owner with reports in the order and within the time limits provided for by the contract of marine agency;
  • We have an excellent reputation and are able to prove it with competencies;
  • Exhibit an appropriate level of competence for the delivery of all the services as ship's agent and in conscientious, diligent and efficient manner;
  • We comply with all national laws and other rules relating to the duties carried out by us;
  • We dispose carefully the funds on behalf of the principal (principals).